Sunday, June 20, 2010

Time and Gems strikes again!! Dishonest, fake, terrible service...

As I mentioned in my first post, my refund check was on its way and I was worried because it might be less than what was owed to me, and guess what???

Over 1,200+ good ratings on ebay, they didn't let me down.

Here's my return check. Original price $3,823.00 Minus 20% restocking fee should equal $3,058.4 NOT $2,958.00

I mentioned in my post prior that getting stiffed on my refund probably won't happen but if there was a company to do it, it's timeandgems. They sure did come through in true sleaze ball fashion.

My first email to notify them was done on their website, so I don't have a copy of that. But all it entailed was that they cannot do math and that I want my money back. I copy and pasted my bank account wire transfer for the total amount as well.

Here's what happened next. These are copies from my inbox.

So my first email: just mentioned above...
Then their response:

"We had two shipping fees totaling $50 each, total of $100 in fees plus the 20% restocking fee,"

Jason Smith


"Your Online Leader in Swiss Watch Sales"


"Actually, I paid for the shipping on the first transaction for both ends, receiving and sending back to you. So that would mean you only paid for the second watch you sent me."

"I am sure of it, Juan told me the shipping cost, and that was added to my bank wire transfer."

"So if you could, I would really appreciate the $50 you didn't include."

Time and Gems response:

"Do you have a Paypal account, we can send there, it is much easier"

These guys are truly unbelievable!!! It drives my insane to think that a company so shady, so dishonest can be at all successful.

If you were on the fence about timeandgems, this should be the nail in the coffin!


**** This just in, they refunded my money as I was writing this entry. Wow, now they seem to be right on top of things! Maybe they read my first post!

Watch Empire LLC sent you $50.00 USD

Hello j,

Just thought you'd like to know Watch Empire LLC sent you $50.00 USD.

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