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My terrible expeirance with

Customer review/rating/service

Around the first week in June I researched and looked into

Weary about buying a preowned Rolex, I tried to find as much information as possible and thought I'd just go for it. What a BIG MISTAKE!

First let me start out by saying that they have a company policy of a 20% restocking fee.

So I did my part and thought to have researched the company thoroughly. Obviously not enough. Let me just tell you my experience was one of the worst I have ever had, and actually it was more frustrating because there was nothing I could really do. The way their run their business is shady at best. Let me also say that they have a lot of publicity because they are the first to modify Rolex watches and turn them black with some military grade process.

They are also sell on ebay and have a lot of transactions and what seems to be satisfied customers. So I decided to go ahead and make a purchase.

I was buying a Rolex 2 tone date-just for my father. It was a surprise. Unfortunatley, my dad has not happy with the style of watch. This was entirely my fault and thankfully timeandgems offers a 10 day no hassle exchange policy. Great, lets change the watch!

So I talked with Juan and he told me I must ship it back to a different shipping address, not the one that was listed on the package. I was also advised to insure it for up to the watch amount, still sounds like nothing is wrong. Then UPS charged about $70 for insurance and shipping.

Now the problem with this situation is that the package had a return shipping label, not the address Juan told me to send it to. So I had to pay out of pocket. More on this later.

I had to call them several times to check and make sure my watch reached them. So they switched out my watch.

Timeandgems swapped it out for a submariner with no date, received it in a day or so. Let me also state, that trying to get a hold of theses people is impossible. For the life of me I can't understand how such a fine establishment with platinum power rankings on ebay can't answer the phone. But that's not the only issue. If they do pick up, to talk to the person you need to talk to, forget it! They put you on hold for no lie here, a minimum of 7 mins. OR the person you need to talk to is so busy, or their favorite, 'he just stepped out'. I know this is a lie because I talked to Juan and he said Jason (manager) JUST stepped out. Then I called back and talked to Ernesto. Ernesto was by the way the most helpful and genuine person I talked to over there. He seemed to care and helped me out. Anyways, he told me that Jason was there, but busy. Nothing major but lie none the less.

I received the submariner and to our big disappointment, the bezel or dial on the watch was loose! And when I say loose, I mean it was turning with no clicks, tension, and even worse, the bezel is supposed to only turn counter clockwise but this one you could turn both ways with ease. At this point, it felt like a real cheap knock off. Also, the submariner was a few hundred dollars cheaper than the original watch, so I should have been issued a refund. So for even that, I had to call and ask them to send me a check! Is that necessary? Were they hoping I would forget or didn't realize that price difference?

Now I realize that this is what they claim to be a CERTIFIED USED watch. But something that major should have been CHECKED! Or at the very least disclosed!!! According to Juan, it was a minor issue. Really?

After this major flaw in the watch, and my experience with them up until now, I just wanted my money back. So I knew the 20% 'restocking' fee probably would kick in.

It's worth to note, that both the watches were sent back to timeandgems the same day it was received, actually, within hours of arrival. This time I was not going to pay for shipping when the watch was defective. So I demanded a shipping label and they gave me one after waiting again on hold for an eternity. Would have been nice if they provided one the first time.

I wrote them an email asking for some leniency on the 20%. No response. So I wanted to talk to the manager, because no one in sales, especially Juan, can't issue refunds. It took me 2 DAYS to get Jason on the phone. Let me tell you how terrible this was.

I waited 2 different times to talk to Jason, the man who is so busy he can't take a customers phone call, or who is so busy that he is always stepping out of the office. And please, he is to busy to pick up that heavy telephone and call someone back.

After waiting almost 10 mins, again not an exaggeration I had Jason on the phone.

Here's the conversation.

Jason: Hello

Me: Finally I got you on the phone, did you get my email regarding my refund?

Jason: (abrupt interruption) Listen, I don't have time for this, if you want a refund there is a 20% restocking fee. Do you want a refund or not?

Me: There's nothing you can do? The watches were worn once to try on nothing else and plus the second watch was defective. You can't work something out?

Jason: No. Ill send you your refund minus 20%

I felt like I was talking to some thug and I had done something terribly wrong. I am a paying customer and 'I don't have time for this'? Come on man...

So to say the least, I am still waiting for my check in the mail. AGAIN, I had to call them to remind them to send it to me. I'll have to double check and make sure they took the 20% off my order, and nothing more. They probably won't, but if there was a company to pull something like that, it would be timeandgems.

Never wait for them to call you back either. When they take down your number, they're probably writing it down with an air pen. With the exception of Ernesto, again who was helpful.

Most important, now this is just my honest opinion and I am going against a lot of 'satisfied' customers.
My family has been in the jewelry business and has been for over 20 years. I have seen many watches and Rolexes in my time. I have also seen my fair share of fake Rolex watches. From the very cheap knock offs to the very best imitations. Both the watches I received from timeandgems seemed suspect. I know they advertise that they are appraised and all that. I am saying just from my feel, they seemed real suspect, right up there with the really well made imitations. Minus all the obvious indicators of a fake, the best indicator is the actual band of the watch. It's hard to explain the feel of a well made fake and a real one. Almost like a solid feel, vs a loose stretched out feel. If you have seen and worked on many watches, then you know what I mean. Are they getting away with selling very well made knock offs?

Also, Rolex explicitly states that they NEVER sell online and only authentic Rolex watches come from a certified dealer IN a physical store, face to face, and that goes for used too!

There are so many well made fakes out there, I think that is why Rolex is so stern about sticking to their certified dealers. Just something to think about.

It's safe to say that I am angry with my whole experience and my review might have been venting. But I think my story is a CLEAR reflection of what kind of company you are dealing with. Only if you could have heard our phone conversations, no one would want to buy form them and I'm certain about that. If they are indeed Real Rolex watches, then good luck and I hope you hit no bumps along the way in your purchase.

If you read this and are looking to buy a used Rolex, my suggestion is DON'T. Unless it is from a certified Rolex dealer with a physical location. There is a reason timeandgems only sell used. No need to be certified if you sell used.

Put it this way, my ordeal was so bad, I want to everyone who is thinking about doing business with timeandgems to know how terrible they are. If I would have read something like this, I hope that I would have not purchased through them. Now I'm out $800.

Price: Cheap and low, but I think that reflects the quality of used watch you are buying

Customer service: Non existent. and if there is a sliver of service, it's god awful.

I hope you find this review useful. BUYER BEWARE!

If you want to see what I mean about high quality replicas, check out youtube and search "fake rolex" or "rolex replica"

Remember many people pay hundreds and up to even a couple thousand for top notch replicas.

Take care and good luck!


  1. They screwed me in soooo many ways too! NEVER NEVER buy from this company. I PROMISE!!!

  2. Please visit to get a better idea of Time and Gems, Time & Gems, Watch Empire, ZP Watches ebay and the scam and fraud they are successfully running.

    There are lots of customers who have been scammed and if we stick together we can bring an end to their crap!

  3. Time and Gems, I want to thank you for your great service and patients with me as I know I am very difficult when it comes to making a big purchase. I would also like to thank their sales guy there as he was very helpful and even waived my shipping fee as I was a repeat customer. That means alot to me especially for being noticed as a valued customer and being treated as such. My watch came to my home on time as their customer service staff said it would and was very happy with the quality of the watch especially since they are pre owned it looked brand new.

  4. I am appalled to see all the negative comments against time and gems. I purchased three watches all together thru their bank wire method. I was a bit skeptical about this payment method at first but I followed thru. I received my watches along with great pricing and my rolex watches look amazingly great. I am so glad I didn't have to go thru what you mentioned on this tread. I just thought I let others know that time and gems isn't that bad if at all. Their customer service was great fast shipping and my products were as pictured. Time and gems I want to thank you for your time and support and the amazing deal you gave me. I will continue to buy from company as I am a happy customer. !!!! Thank you

  5. Time and Gems Rocks !!!!!! I was looking for a Presidents watch with day date for my son. I purchased my son's watch and saw another that I felt compelled to buy. I was given an additional discount for ordering two watches. YAY !!!!! I was just amazed on how great the watches looked and I felt compelled to order another for the additional discount. My watches arrived at my place and I loved them my son especially. Great staff, great pricing, prompt response to all my questions. I will purchase from time and gems again.

  6. Very surprising comments posted on this site I just thought I shed a little light and give you all my experience with time and gems. I am very happy I came across the website as I was going to purchase same watch thru another website for $1,000 more than advertised on your site. I was glad to see I got a great deal. I love my watch I received it looks amazing !!!!! Which also came with an appraisal. I also wanted to say thank you to their sales manager as he was very helpful. Thank you, Time and gems for your outstanding service

  7. I ordered 4 watches thru time and gems. I had them seen by another company to ensure authenticity. All of my watches were in fact authentic. I read all the bad reviews against this company and I have to say that these watches are authentic. I am so happy I did not encounter any of the problems you all have mentioned. Time and gems is a reputable dealer and I will stand by them and order more watches in the future. Thank you Time and Gems for you great service.

  8. "I've always wanted a Rolex and Time and Gems was able to help me fulfill my goal. The quality and condition of my Rolex Datejust (reference #171) is excellent. When I received it in the package it appeared to be brand new, not one single scratch or mark on it. you guys are the best thank you for all your help and super fast shipping.

  9. "Gentlemen, I received my Datejust Rolex and it is exactly as described. It is beautiful and looks brand new. I want to thank you for the prompt, professional service you rendered. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and will be using your services in the future. Thanks again for the super service. Sincerely, Ed "

  10. "After carefully searching for an honest, reliable, trustworthy dealer, I found Time and Gems. They were very helpful in helping me make the selection I wanted, and went out of their way to ensure that the transaction was completed to my satisfaction. The item I received exceeded my expectations, and was 100 percent authentic as promised. With so many unscrupulous sellers out there, it is great to know that I can count on this company to meet my needs. I won't ever have to look elsewhere....and I highly recommend this company."

  11. "I recently purchased a Stainless and Diamond Rolex Datejust watch for my 50th birthday. It is gorgeous. I then decided that I wanted a diamond Jubliee band to match and they were reasonable and quick to accommodate me. I even got one-day service!!! I would highly recommend Time and Gems !!!!"

  12. "I always wanted a Rolex watch and finally decided to buy myself a present in anticipation of my birthday. I chose Time & Gems over another well known online company that failed to give me the personalized service that any purchaser of a luxury watch is entitled to receive. The Time & Gems representative I dealt with was courteous, competent and flexible and kept his word, a real plus. "

  13. "The Folks at Time and Gems handled the entire transaction with the utmost respect and care. There were no questions left unanswered and there was a feeling that these people were very good at what they do! The Rolex is beautiful and I truly feel as tho I received a great time piece for a GREAT PRICE! Thanks Guys! "

  14. "The customer support was second to none and the watch arrived exactly on the day promised. The quality of the watch is superb. Would recommend Time and Gems to any prospective buyer."

  15. "I live in London (UK), and I wished to buy my wife a used Rolex Datejust for her 40th. Birthday. I viewed several websites but could not find watches of a suitable quality , until I found Time & Gems. The stock they had was fantastic and I found the very watch that I was looking for a Ladies Gold Datejust Super President with a diamond face and bezel and diamond and gold bracelet. I was able to order securely on-line and the Time and Gems Staff were extremely helpful . The watch was shipped by FedEx to my Home address in the UK.and arrived 4 days later. The condition of the watch is spectacular and really as new! Needless to say my wife was delighted , we will not hesitate to use Time and Gems again for our next purchase .

  16. "The rolex date-just ordered was in excellent condition and exceeded my expectations. The watch appeared brand new and the price extremely competitive compared to other providers. The customer service process was first-class and very thorough. I would have no hesitation in recommending Time and Gems to anyone seeking a rolex. Great value for the money. "

  17. "I was searching for that special gift, and when I saw it, I knew it was perfect! The staff at Time and Gems were so helpful and professional, it made the purchase an all around great experience. Thank you for all your help and super fast shipping."

  18. "I recently purchased a Stainless and Diamond Rolex Datejust watch for my 60th birthday. It is gorgeous. I then decided that I wanted a diamond Jubliee band to match and they were reasonable and quick to accommodate me. I even got one-day service!!! I would highly recommend Time and Gems !!!!"

  19. Time and gems, I want to thank you for your outstanding service in helping me select the best watch possible based on my budget. I want to tell you that it looks amazing ! I am so happy and when I wear my Rolex watch I literally feel like a brand new man. Product looks amazing cant complain, I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you Time Gems.

  20. I just wanted to say thank you to time and gems for their superior customer service. I am so happy with my watch and the service I received. Shipping was super fast and came on the day it was promised. I will recommend Time and gems to all my family and
    friends. Thanks again, time and gems.

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